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Dear Ford Supplier Portal users, 
We are excited to announce a significant upgrade to the foundations of our Ford Supplier portal platform scheduled for July 7, 2024. This update is essential in modernizing our infrastructure and preparing for future enhancements. 
You would have received an earlier communication that provides in-depth information about these changes and what you can expect going forward. Please refer the self-help link for training and FAQs:
Active Access Training - KBArticle - Support Portal (

You can also refer the bulletin in the Directed Communication tab below: 


The Ford Supplier Portal (FSP) is the forum for Ford Motor Company to connect with our supplier partners. Key features include:

  • Allows Suppliers secure access to the hundreds of internal Ford applications that Suppliers are required to interact with to fulfill their business obligations to Ford (information related to contracts, orders, shipments, payments, performance, and more)
  • FSP also provides a Document Library, including user manuals, policy documentation, Terms and Conditions, forms and Supplier Bulletins.

Suppliers with an active relationship with Ford Motor Company and its Joint Ventures are required to register for access to the portal.

Detailed onboarding instructions are posted on the Help Page.

Thank you for visiting the Ford Supplier Portal and helping to make Ford Motor Company your OEM of choice.

Join Manufacture 2030 Climate Program by April 26, 2024

Invest in your decarbonization journey by joining Ford's partnership with M2030; Join M2030 now.  As a member of M2030 you will have access to the right tools, expertise and funding to reduce emissions.   

Reducing carbon emissions is a top priority, and this program is critical for our journey.M2030 and Ford recorded a webinar to share the many benefits of the partnership and program; [recording] [Deck]. 

If you are already signed up to M2030 there is no additional cost to bear. Simply access your account and ensure Ford is selected as a customer. 

Thank you for your continued support in decarbonizing the supply chain.

Ford supplier - ProviderWeb and Imagine Sign-In Change

Ford Credit is required to be compliant with a new Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) law. The law requires anyone with access to customer PII within a financial institution to use 2 factors to access the data.

Applications impacted by the new Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requirement will begin rollout of the MFA process.  This change will require users signing into ProviderWeb and Imagine to authenticate using a Ford FSNID with MFA enabled.

For more information, review Ford Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Help Information to learn how to setup MFA and authenticate using a Ford FSNID.

Directed Communications

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